Mastering Putting Greens

From small backyard setups to large multiple hole golf courses- we have done them all & realize how key this can be to expanding your business. This video will give you the training you need to implement putting greens instantly. The tools that will save you huge money off the jump, and the creative ways to blend your seams. Its all right here in this video. You will be able to show this video to your team members so everyone is on the same wavelength on the build. Be sure to check out all our other training videos to bring some fresh ideas into your business this season!

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Putting greens & artificial turf are some of the hottest things going right now. Imagine being able to bring another couple hundred grand into your business & making your designs even that much more unique. This is the game changer you have been waiting for.

  • Putting greens are some of the most profitable margins in the industry. Why aren't you doing them?

  • This video will get you and your team fully educated and ready to install in 30 minutes.

  • Don't wait, the time is now. Pretty soon everyone in the industry will offer this service.

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    Turf Installation Course

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